Preventative medicine at HLG: Why antibiotic free meat is worth the extra cost

Usage of antibiotics in livestock is not new to most of us. Misuse of antibiotics may potentially cause antimicrobial resistance in livestock and will eventually affect us, avid meat eaters.

Preventative medicine and prudent antibiotic usage is what we strive for here in HLG. We avoid flooding our animals with medications; instead we provide them with a balanced nutrition and stress-free environment.

If in any case our animals do get sick, we always take the first step in disease eradication by culling these sick animal before the condition worsens to upkeep our high animal welfare standards. Hence, they will be removed from the herd. We then provide multivitamin and immune boosters to our current herd so they develop natural immunity against various pathogens rather than relying on chemical antibiotics. We also practice vaccination regimes as prevention is better than cure.

Part of that decision stems from actions by consumers themselves. Your confidence in our natural and wholesome product is all we strive for. So we keep doing whats best for our herd to ensure wholesome products for you, our consumers.

However, keep in mind that antibiotic free meat may take longer to mature and hence may cost more. So naturally you get a more nutritious product for the best price on the market if you purchase from HLG. So, choose wisely for your families; clean meat ensures a healthier and happier family.